• Product Name: 8t Light Cargo Truck
  • Product No.: 3 light truck
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Chassis Model ZZ1127G4215C1 Gross Vehicle Weight 7995Kg
Engine YC4110 EUROII Wheelbase 4200mm
Cabin 2080mm Extended Cab,with A/C,Radio FM with USB
Engine Displacement (L) 3.8 Max speed (Km/h) 95
Gearbox DC6J65TC,5 forward & 1 reverse Tires 8.25-20X7,rear axle with double tires
Brake Dual circuit compressed air brake Axle Loading fornt:3.2t Rear:8.2t
Body Dimension (mm) 5200×2300
Box board thickness Floor:4mm
Loading capacity 8T The front and rear suspension 9/12+9B