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  • Product Name: Armor Cash Carrier Heavy Truck
  • Product No.: QDZ5160YC
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Model QDZ5160YC Driving type 4X2
Engine displacement WD615.87(213KW/290PS) 6.87L Horse power 213kW(290ps)@2300rpm
Torque 1230Nm/1200-1800rpm Curb weight 11000kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 16000Kg Wheelbase 3800mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 200L Transmission 6 speed manual
Wheels and Tires 11R22.5” Passengers 2+5units
Overall dimensions 7000*2500*3800
Other specifications
Can be able to withstand multiple impacts against 5.56*45mm and 7.62*51mm.Vehicle bulletproof:GA668-200 Riot police car general technical specification.
ü Ballistic Material Uni-Body-All walls (left and right) including the roof, rear door, engine hood & sidings, fuel tank are protected with ballistic material.
ü The floor of the vehicle can resist multiple blasts from any at the following:     2 pieces DM51 hand grenade (simultaneously)
1 piece HG85 hand grenade
1 piece DM31 land mine
ü Doors can be equipped with dead bolt lock and with additional heavy duty mechanical lock and capable of being independently opened at each door location
Air Supply: Auxiliary air vents (grill-protected) to supply fresh air inside in case of a/c break down.
ü Built-in automotive approved fire extinguisher capable of automatically/manually overriding engine bay extinguishing system
ü Two (2) additional portable, foam-type fire extinguishers (1kg each)