• Product Name: 230T Aircraft Tractor Driving type 4x4 (QDZ5220TQY)
  • Product No.: QDZ5220TQY
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Driver Cab

Crew cab is crop metal jointing style. It has two seats. Seats could be adjusted. There are heating, air condition, wiper, rear view mirror and sun visor.The cab can automatically fall-down when meeting any obstacle in going up.


Model: C260.20
Diesel:4-stroke direct injection diesel engine
6-cylinder in-line with air-cooled diesel engine
Rated output: 191KW at 2200 rpm
Rated torque: 1025 Nm


Hydraulic transmission. The format is that hydraulic pump and motor drive F/R axle by twain gear transfer case and differentials full time.
The double mechanical reduction gearbox is connected with the driving axle.
Ratio: 2.5 ;8.9

Driving Axles

The front axle is steering drive axle
The rear axle is steering drive axle
Main reduction ratio : 3.7
Hub reduction ratio : 2.65


Suspension : Front axle is leaf spring type.
Rear axle is rigid join.
Front suspension: Front pivot is plastic bush,rear pivot is slip board style
Fuel capacity: 200L diesel


Line-controlled and hydraulic four-wheel steering.It has four steering types which are front-wheel, rear-wheel, centripetal and crabbing steering.


Service brake is Double-loop hydraulic brake
Parking brake is hydraulic internal expansion brake

Wheels & Tyres

Tyres: 12.00-24


Circuit system:It's made by 24V single line,cathode is earthed.
Circuit voltage:DC24 V
Generator:It's silicon commutated generator with adjustor. Voltage is DC28V, current is 70A.
Battery:It's two batteries which voltage is 12V and capability is150Ah.

Dimension in mm

Wheel base 3000
Front wheel track 2160
Rear wheel track 2160
Approach angle(°) ≥8
Departure angle(°) ≥16
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 7306×2560×1640(2040)

Weight in kg

Kerb mass 23000
Fully loaded mass 23150


Maximum speed: ≥30km/h
Minimum Ground clearance: ≥200mm
Minimum turning circle: ≤9.3m
Maximum traction:
High gear 45kN
Low gear 170kN
Maximum traction mass: 230000kg
Hauling or pushing aircraft type:
Total mass less than 230 Tons such as Air bus A330, Boeing 767, IL76.

Main Characteristic

Advanced hydrostatic transmission with hydraulic mechanical drive. Wheel-motors in full time. High efficiency and splendid inching-function, excellent mobility and simple construction.

The design on principle “Human is the most important” make a good ergonomics-installation. Outstanding visibility of driver through its low profile of body. The cab can go up and down. Perfect signal and emergent system make operating safely and comfortably.

Main hydraulic components made by world-known companies such as Rexroth,MICO therefore have a high reliability and function-price ratio.

The hydraulic transmission system of this tractor is simple and clear, there are only a little rotate parts in the chassis. The layout of hydraulic pipes and electric cables are centralized and in good order.

Advanced four-wheel independent steering-by-wire technology. There are four reorientation models which make it pull round flexibly. No sideslip in the tyre.