• Product Name: SINOTRUK HOVA TRACTOR (ZZ5371VDMB30102)
  • Product No.: ZZ5371VDMB30102
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Specifications & Configuration
Engine Make: SINOTRUK
Engine model: WD615.62, Euro Ⅱ emission standard
4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and intercooling
Maximum output: 266hp(196kW) at 2200 r/min
Maximum torque:1100 /1100~1600
Displacement: 9.726L
Compression ratio: 17:1
Specific fuel consumption: 195 g/kWh
Clutch Φ420 mm diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulically operating with air assistance
Transmission HW12706T 6 forward& 1 reverse
Ratio: 9.204 5.19 3.102 1.983 1.343 1.00/R8.719
Front Axle Model:HW7
Rear Axles Model:STR Ratio: 10.77
Chassis Frame: parallel ladder frame with section 350×80×10 (mm),
subframe with section 335×85×10 (mm)
Front suspension: vertical semi-elliptic leaf springs, telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension:rigid suspension
Fuel tank: 230L
Steering Model: EATON, hydraulic steering with power assistance
Steering pump pressure :12.5Mpa
Brakes Brake:WABCO brake,with air desiccator
Trailer brake:dual pipe compressed air brake
Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake :(hand brake)spring energy,
compressed air operating on rear wheels
Wheels & Tyres Rims: 8.5-20
Tire pressure (kPa):700±10
Tyres: 11.00-20
Driver's Cab D12, Enhanced Unilateral cab,air conditioner, forward turning 60 degree
Electrics Operating voltage: 24V, negative grounded
Starter: 24V, 7.5kW
Alternator: 2000W
Batteries: 12V, 165Ah
in mm
Wheel base 3000
Front wheel track 2046
Rear wheel track 1850
Front/Rear overhang 1350/630
Approach angle (0) 23
Departure angle (0) 75
Overall length 4970
Overall width 2495
Overall height 3000
in kg
Dead weight净 6500
Maximum load mass 30000
Total quality Trailer 70000
Front axle loading capacity 13000
Rear axle loading capacity 30000
Performance Maximum driving speed (km/h) 39
Maximum gradeability (%) 20
Minimum ground clearance (rear axle)(mm) 298
Minimum turning radius (m) 6
Manual transmission, no hydraulic saddle