• Product Name: 12m3 SINOTRUK 4x2 arm type garbage truck (QDZ5160ZXXSJ)
  • Product No.: QDZ5160ZXXSJ
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Model ZZ3161M4011W Gross Vehicle Weight 16000kg
Engine Brand SINOTRUK Dead Weight 7200kg
Loading Mass 8000kg
WD615.62(EuroII) Body Volume 12m3
Maximum Output 266HP Cabin One sleeper A/C
Transmission HW15710 Radius of Swing Arm 3017mm
Front axle HF7 Angle of Swing Arm 122±1°
Rear axle HC16
Load Time ≤60
Unload Time ≤50 Rated Pressure of Hydraulic System 21MPa
Discharging Angle ≥85° Tyre 12.00R20 Radial tyre
Overall Dimension(mm) 7450X2470X3570

Compartment External dimensions: 4570 * 1880 * 1600 6mm bottom edge 4mm 1260kg material Q235 steel

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